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Clarity Is Real Power

Make The Next Year A Breakthrough One In Business And Life
With This Decisive Online Planning Process

Save Time, Gain Clarity And Build A Better Business AND Life Over Next 12 Months And Beyond.

Plans may not be what they once were, but planning, good planning is more essential than ever.  Simplify your focus with this structured, proven process, now completely online.

Complete It In Your Own Time, Quickly

  • Here are some of the elements included:
    • 14 video lessons
    • Step-by-step colour workbook with insightful questions to help you clarify the most important points in your business and life
    • 1 page Strategic Planner for sharper focus and alignment
    • 7S Entrepreneurial Framework to ensure nothing vital is missed
    • Access to valuable tools that will help you throughout your career
    • Online area to ask questions that Shane will respond to directly

What Is Going To Be Different This Year?

"The best way to predict the future is to create it", said Peter Drucker - but how does that apply to a year like 2020?
Actually, the global pandemic is proving Drucker right. During times of challenge, business owners fall into three categories – victims, survivors and thrivers.

    • A Victim is someone who is passive in whatever is happening.
    • A Survivor is someone who is doing their best to adapt to the uncertain world and just get through.
    • A Thriver is someone who is seeking, finding and creating new opportunities in the same uncertain world.   
    • What’s the difference between these people? Mindset. Most people feel subject to circumstances.   But the Thriver knows that they can be the shaper and creator of their world.
They know that plans are designed to be broken but They know that plans are designed to be broken but planning is indeed priceless.

A proven process created by an experienced advisor to top performing leaders, to allow you to improve your planning and clarity AND include your personal life as well as your business.

    Created by entrepreneurial expert Shane Cradock, Blueprint Entrepreneur is a unique planning process, now available online, which helps you embrace the Thriver Mindset.   Blueprint Entrepreneur gives you a step-by-step process to clarify your vision for your business and life over the next three years - and identify your most important short-term priorities.
    Blueprint Entrepreneur is based on the insights Shane has gained working with entrepreneurs and business leaders across no less than 50 industries over 20 years.

    For Shane, three things stand out:
      • Quality thinking time is essential, not a ‘nice to have’
      • Clarity of intention is vital
      • Alignment has to be worked on, always.
    Thinking time is about working out strategies, tuning into your entrepreneurial intuition and anticipating changes before they happen.
    Real intention is about having clarity of purpose and of outcome. Running a business is like being the captain of a ship in unknown waters. We may have a destination in mind, and roughly a direction. But we also have to adapt to weather conditions, currents and obstacles yet unseen - who saw a global pandemic in their risk management plans?
    Alignment is about keeping plans and people focused on what matters most. ‘Sounds simple? Yet this is often one of the most compromised areas in a business – and leaders don’t even notice. Typically this is down to a lack of clarity, real communication and meaningful frameworks.
    These three crucial points are at the very centre of the BluePrint Entrepreneur design, because more clarity leads to more focus, which leads to better results – for your business and your personal life. Think about it. What difference would it make if you were even 20% clearer on where you’re going and why? What about 50% or 100%?
    BluePrint Entrepreneur helps you tune out digital distraction and think better, by asking better questions in a structure that has proven results.

    BluePrint Entrepreneur workshops have been run for the past ten years. The online format, however, is new and includes about 30% fresh content. It also means more can be added to help you, and you can access the content anytime you want and complete your plan in your own time.
    When you buy Entrepreneur, you get access to an online area with all of the lessons and tools. Here you begin a step-by-step process which helps you create a one page plan for the year and the relevant quarter ahead.
    The process is based around 3 sections - You, Your Team and Your Business, all in the context of creating Meaningful Success for you. Each section has a series of video lessons as well as provocative questions and frameworks to help you clarify where you need to put your attention.

    What People Are Saying

    "“It made clear that I need to take my focus off the minor  stuff and 
    focus more on the bigger picture”

    Louis Copeland Jnr.,
    Owner of The Louis Copeland Group

    "Shane’s guidance is excellent and rewarding as it has my focus in the business on key areas.
    He has fantastic intuition, business acumen and an ability to challenge
    and get the best from his clients.”

    Paul Cadden,
    Owner Saba Restaurant Group

    The Outcomes? BluePrint Entrepreneurs Delivers:

    • A structured process to ensure focus
    • A clearer vision for Meaningful Success
    • More clarity around your personal life – because sacrificing quality of life is a typical mistake leaders make, and it also impacts on your business
    • Clearly identified priorities for the next 12 months, in the context of a 3 year vision 
    • A written action plan
    • Strategies to keep you motivated for the year aheadUnique tools to improve your alignment and focus with your team
    • Inspiration to take on new challenges and seek out new opportunities

    A proven process created by an experienced advisor to top performing leaders, to allow you to improve your planning and clarity AND include your personal life as well as your business.


    Blueprint Entrepreneur was created for ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders 
    striving to create more profit in business AND in life.
    You are most likely a:

      • Busy business owner/entrepreneur keen on achieving your ‘impossible’ goals
      • An ambitious self-employed professional
    • An executive with P&L responsibility striving for more success AND a better life


    BluePrint Entrepreneur Creator  - Shane Cradock

    Over the past 20 years, Shane has worked with companies in over 50 industries in Ireland and internationally. His clients are ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders hungry for growth - in business AND life.
    Some of his clients have been finalists in the Entrepreneur Of The Year awards and he has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their desired results.
    His work over the past 20 years across over 50 industries, has been helping ambitious leaders and their teams focused on creating better organisations, better lives and better results.
    Shane brings a fresh perspective based on his work in the field, that is challenging existing conventional thinking around mindset, psychology, high performance and leadership

     "Working with Shane has helped me to gain more clarity and control over everything.  His unique approach on the ‘inner game’ of business in particular has helped my focus and also improved our bottom line. His contribution has been invaluable.”

    Morgan Browne
    CEO, Enterpryze and Finalist in Entrepreneur Of The Year

    Why BluePrint Entrepreneur?

    A proven process created by an experienced advisor to top performing leaders, to allow you to improve your planning and clarity AND include your personal life as well as your business.

    • Structured process
    • Concise video lessons 
    • High value questions complete with step by step workbook
    • Powerful and inspirational stories of real business owners like you, who used the process to make their 'impossible' happen.
    • Get real clarity in a few hours

    Questions Answered With Shane

    This offer is a once off. BluePrint Entrepreneur will be available for sale on my website going forwards - but with the additional bonus offerings only until midnight 14th January 2021.

    Most business owners and leaders only focus on their business and usually neglect their personal life. BluePrint Entrepreneur is built around helping you create Meaningful Success - that is to create a business that truly delivers you more time freedom, more wealth, health and happiness. ‘Might sound corny but it’s true.

    If you’re not happy within 30 days of purchase you can request a full refund, no questions asked. 

    I’ve worked across more than 50 industries over the last 20 years - and I’ve used all that experience to create something that will work for you, regardless of industry or business. Having said that, it wouldn’t be right to say that BluePrint Entrepreneur will solve all of your problems. But what it will do is help you identify the ones you most need to be concerned about - and that is often half the battle.  
    One of the biggest ‘unknown’ problems for business owners in all industries is that they don’t realise how much their minds are consumed with problems. They get too caught up in the small stuff without realising it. This process helps you to step out of that and take a higher perspective - one that brings better clarity, focus and as a result energy. 

    Yes BluePrint Entrepreneur is different because it is designed for business owners or leaders with P&L responsibility. BluePrint Personal is a deep dive into you and your life. These programs are complementary to each other.

    The structure suits any size of business. It’ll work for a self-employed professional, owners of small and medium sized businesses, and it will also help the clarity of CEOs in larger enterprises.

    Get BluePrint Entrepreneur

    Created by an experienced professional with over 25 years experience across over 50 industries.

    Get Clarity On Your Business And Life Now


    One-time fee, Euros ex.VAT

    • 14 video lessons
    • 25 page colour workbook
    • Valuable business tools
    • Powerful insights and questions

    Shane Cradock