BluePrint - Make The Next 12 Months Your Best Yet (Part of The Inner CEO Series)

Get Real Clarity On What Matters Most In Your Life - Personal And Professional

Course Summary

Take Time Out To Really Focus The Rest Of Your Year
Are You Looking For Real Clarity And Focus?
Do You Need Help Deciding On Which Path Is Your Best One?
BluePrint Online is unique and successful training that helps you gain clarity, motivation and focus, using a proven method.
Designed by a leading coach and facilitator, BluePrint has a proven track record over several years in a workshop environment and is now available online.
Most people know the value of taking time out to think, plan and prioritise, but despite this, not everyone takes the time to do it – or indeed knows the most effective way of doing it.
Wouldn’t you agree that it’s probably more vital than ever to be clear on what your priorities are? In today’s fast changing and noisy world, clarity is perhaps the ultimate advantage.
Most people know the value of taking time out
to think, plan and prioritise, but despite this, not everyone takes the time to
do it – or indeed knows the most
effective way of doing it.
More clarity leads to
more focus, which leads to better results.
What difference do you think it would make to
your business and life if you were 20% clearer on where you’re
going and why? What about 50% or even 100% clearer?
Its never been easier to be busy doing nothing.
And its never been more important to get clearer on what matters most to you.
‘BluePrint’, will make a big difference to your year and beyond – in both your business and personal life.
What People Say
"I had attended Shane's one day Blueprint workshop previously and found it very beneficial in creating clarity and focus on the important things in life. I was unable to attend the workshop this year but thankfully Shane had developed this online course based around the workshop, which allowed me go through the process in my own time.
BluePrint online is set up in 8 easily digestible sections comprising 10 minute videos. In these Shane outlines the Blueprint process and you then fill in the workbook to put the learnings into action. Each section can be done in 30 minutes - ideal for people with busy schedules.
The videos capture Shane's personable and humorous style, which makes the process of reflection and goal setting very enjoyable. They also have the added advantage that you can replay them, allowing you to pick up on some ideas you may have missed the first time and amend your plan accordingly. I would strongly recommend the online course for people who can’t attend the one day Blueprint workshop and want to gain clarity and focus for the year ahead."
Declan Connolly, Brand Manager

“BluePrint was brilliant for helping me crystallise exactly what I wanted in my profes-sional and personal life. I didn’t know all the steps to create it but it inspired me to take bold action. 4 years later I look back and see that I’m living the life and career I’d imagined and put on paper in BluePrint.”
~ Georgina Coleman, Senior Executive With Global Fashion Retailer

"I thought I was too busy to do this workshop but Shane convinced me to try it and I am so glad that I did. I am shocked at what I have achieved in the past month. My business has immediately improved because of my focus and mental clarity.
This training has impacted on my entire life - business and personal. I can’t stress how valuable a course like this is. It has been very inspiring, energising and refreshing! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get the best of themselves and reach an ideal work-life balance, and also great work results."
~ Maria Morgan, Managing Director,

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