BluePrint Personal
From Shane Cradock


Make the next year a breakthrough one
with this focused & proven process


BluePrint Personal

BluePrint online is set up in 8 easily digestible sections comprising 10 minute videos. In these Shane outlines the Blueprint process and you then fill in the workbook to put the learnings into action. Each section can be done in 30 minutes - ideal for people with busy schedules.

The videos capture Shane's personable and humorous style, which makes the process of reflection and goal setting very enjoyable. They also have the added advantage that you can replay them, allowing you to pick up on some ideas you may have missed the first time and amend your plan accordingly. I would strongly recommend the online course for people who want to gain clarity and focus for the year ahead

Declan Connolly
Assistant Director, Biogen

How Would It Feel To Be 20% More Focused?

Now think about how it might feel to be 50% or 100% more focused.

.BluePrint Personal is a unique and successful guided process that helps you gain clarity, motivation and focus, using a proven method.

Most people know the value of taking time out to think, plan and prioritise, but despite this, not everyone takes the time to do it – or indeed knows the most effective way of doing it.

What are the outcomes that you can expect? 

  • A structured process to ensure focus.
  • A written action plan with strategies to keep you on plan in the year ahead.
  • More clarity around your personal life. Sacrificing quality of life is a typical mistake entrepreneurs & leaders make.

Get real clarity in just a few hours.

“BluePrint was brilliant for helping me crystallise exactly what I wanted in my professional and personal life. I didn’t know all the steps to create it but it inspired me to take bold action. 4 years later I look back and see that I’m living the life and career I’d imagined and put on paper in BluePrint."

Georgina Coleman
VP USA Retail, Mikimoto

Who is Blueprint Personal for?

Blueprint Entrepreneur was created for professionals & leaders who need to refocus on their business & personal life.

You might be a:

  • Someone looking to invest time back into your business so you have more focus & motivation.
  • An ambitious self-employed professional.
  • An executive with P&L responsibility striving for more success AND a better life.


€97 +VAT

  • Easy-to-follow video content
  • Accompany PDF workbooks
  • Lifetime access to content
  • Valuable business tools to refocus 


I Understand You Want Tangible Results

Everything I do is based on results. I am used to working with leaders who want progress and momentum.  

Several of my clients have been finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award and winners in The Deloitte Fast 50.
Some clients have sold their business, others have scaled to new heights and achieved what others would have said was impossible.  

It is my belief that great leadership and real meaningful success are hugely dependent on the inner side, yet most leaders don’t understand how to manage their own minds.