MindShift® - Q1 2023

Bookings close 6th Feb, 2023


The most comprehensive program for resetting, reframing and re-energising your whole approach to your life; business and personal. 

MindShift® Virtual is the only course of its kind where you are given the tools needed to fundamentally reset your life. It could be ways of working professionally, communication styles personally, or maybe you are struggling with an inner conflict that is holding you back. If something is off in one area of our lives, it trickles into everything. That's when we all could use a MindShift®.

Who is MindShift® For?

MindShift® Virtual is open to anyone in business who feels the need to put their own needs first for a change. We all face different sets of challenges in our work or personal lives, and these days it is increasingly difficult to find the space to reflect, clarify thoughts or restore the batteries.

So, the types of people who join this 8 week programme are:

  • CEOs 
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Freelancers
  • Business Owners
  • Managers
  • Teams
  • Creative Professionals

MindShift® Virtual will give you the tools, inspiration, and unrivaled support from like-minded folks in business to help you regain traction and impact in all facets of your life. 

Come On A Transformational Journey Over 8 Weeks, From Anywhere In The World.

Find enjoyment in your work and life; identify a clearer sense of purpose.


Minimise stress and distraction to get back a minimum of 30 days a year for ‘high priority/high value’ work.


See ‘the bigger picture’, allowing you to think and act more strategically.


Lead better, the easier way.


Use simple practices, like making a more intentional start to your day, to boost effectiveness.


Communicate more clearly and assertively.


Tune into your body, and improve your health, fitness and levels of energy.

"I wish I'd done this course 10 years ago, such is the impact it's had. 
I kept putting it off because I was "too busy" 
but really I was telling myself this wasn't for me or I wouldn't get anything out of it. 
If you are looking for a course that will give you lifelong tools to help your 

performance and your mindset both professionally and personally then this is for you."

Colm Byrne, Director, Sherry Fitzgerald, New Homes Division

We Are Chronically Distracted.
Being successful in your goals while having the quality of life you really desire sometimes seems like an impossible ask.  

There is an endless stream of things to get done and it can seem impossible to get that rich, fulfilled feeling of making progress on what really matters to you.

What’s really needed is a complete re-think for the way we work and live - a MindShift.  A movement from overwhelm to feeling empowered and engaged.

 Imagine creating a version of you that is more calm, clear and centred.  What would this mean for your business?  

What would it mean for your life?

It starts with you.

Meet The MindShifters

MindShift® Virtual Works!
MindShift® attracts people from all industries and backgrounds, and because everyone needs something just a little bit different; no two MindShifts are alike!

Here are just some of the inspiring success stories.

How Does It Work?

MindShift® Virtual runs over 7-8 consecutive weeks and includes a unique mix of virtual workshops,
virtual Q&A sessions to ensure integration, tools to accelerate learning from home, online forum and
daily accountability to generate habits and get better results.

MindShift® Virtual is a practical reset that helps you:

  • Minimise stress and distraction to get back a minimum of 30 days a year for ‘high priority/high value’ work.
  •  See ‘the bigger picture’, allowing you to think and act more strategically.
  • Lead better, the easier way.
  • Communicate more clearly and assertively.
  • Use simple practices, like making a more intentional start to your day, to boost effectiveness.
  • Create better sleep habits for more rest and clarity.
  • Tune into your body, and improve your health, fitness and levels of energy.
  • Find enjoyment in your work and life; identify a clearer sense of purpose.

And MindShift® Virtual works.

Still Not Sure?

A leadership team who did the MindShift® Programme together in-house reported an impact on clarity of +75% while their ability to get more of what matters done was  up 85% on average. 
100% said they would highly recommend MindShift® to a friend. 

Hi, I'm Shane Cradock

When I originally set up the MindShift® programme, I did it because I saw a dramatic change in pace in the business community. Leaders and managers had never been busier, but it was painfully clear to me they were missing a solid grounding in the essential skills needed for meaningful success. That has never been truer than today.

I have over twenty years’ experience as a leadership advisor and performance coach to high performing executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs at all levels, from award winning SME’s to global multinationals.

Following a very severe personal breakdown in my 20s, I experienced his own 
MindShift®, which resulted in a dramatic change in perspective and a complete change in career and life direction.

MindShift® is built around some key insights. For example, top achievers are very focused on Self-Mastery and within that area, two skills stand out as being essential: 
How you use your Time & How you use your Mind.

In my opinion this is the blindspot of our time and my work over the past 20 years across over 50 industries, has been driven by helping ambitious leaders and their teams focus on creating better organisations, better lives and better results.  

 “MindShift helps you to change your perspective and what your focus should be on.  Understanding how the mind works is powerful and liberating. If you can change your mind, you can change the world!

I really appreciated Shane’s honesty and sincerity throughout the course. 10/10.”

Michael Grehan
Chairman ‑ Sherry FitzGerald Ltd.

 "I came into this program in a shattered mental state following a very severe 7 month management buyout.   Working with Shane on this program changed my whole outlook and life.

To anyone thinking of doing MindShift 100% do it, but do it 100%.”

Bronagh Conlon
Founder - Listoke Distillery

 “This program provides you with the tools to get clarity around your life inside and out of work. It provided me with simple processes to get better work life balance. There are very valuable take-aways for everyone regardless of their business or seniority.

Do it – you’ll thank me for recommending it to you. 10/10.

Niall McNiff
Founder and Director, real Time – The IT Recruitment Specialists

Dates For Your Diary

Kick Off Intro Call

Tuesday 7th February: 2pm-3pm 


Workshops start Tuesday February 14th and run from 2pm - 5pm. These take place every two weeks.
Workshops are where you will pick up new tools, techniques and skills to put to use immediately. 

Live Q&A With Shane

Live Q&A sessions start Tuesday February 21st and run from 2pm - 3pm. These take place every two weeks.
This is where you will get to explore progress as a group and have direct guidance and facilitation from Shane. 

Sign up for the programme closes on 6th February.


If you are keen to do the programme but are not in a position financially to commit due to your circumstances, please email us directly at as a limited number of scholarship spaces are always left available for people who would benefit. Just share a little of your situation and why you're keen to attend MindShift® Virtual.


€1,297 +VAT

€1,595.31 incl. VAT

  • Access to 8 week programme. 
  • Lifetime access to recordings.
  • Complete confidentiality in a group of like-minded people. 
  • VAT exemption for MindShifters outside Ireland. Please email us and we can issue you a VAT-free invoice.

"The benefits of the program for me are better planning, mindset, productivity, 
organisation and therefore being more effective, efficient and less stressed. 
Overall I’m more focused on my goals also. I couldn’t get over the difference in 
terms of my mental clarity from understanding the 
“ROCKS” principles and SHiFTS. 

Paul Cadden, Founder and Managing Director of Saba Restaurant Group

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is the top objection to participating in MindShift® - and the most common comment on completion is ‘I wish I’d done this years ago’. The program usually runs once or twice a year (Feb/Mar and Sep/Oct). The time is never right to commit to a programme like MindShift® - but it’s structured in such a way as to really impact your habitual ways of living, working and thinking. The results speak for themselves. Why wait?

TimeShift was re-branded to MindShift® in 2020 for 2 reasons:
1. The name is more reflective of the feedback and the results achieved by participants and
2. The programme has 30% new content and 2 extra weeks have been added which lengthens the time of support and time to build new habits - particularly inner ones. Many who had previously completed TimeShift are also now doing MindShift® because of the new content, and also the opportunity to get a refresh or kick-start for their own momentum.

This is a common question and the short answer is that you will get more out of MindShift® if you can attend all of the live workshops. Having said that, things can happen and be assured that with MindShift® Virtual, all sessions are recorded and held in a unique online area, where you can catch up quickly at your own time.

Sometimes people will ask this question because most of my private work is with C-level executives and entrepreneurs. This programme has been designed in such a way that it works regardless of level or experience. If you participate, you will see that you could be sitting between someone with incredible experience and responsibility and someone very smart and ambitious who is on their way up. That’s the beauty of the programme - plus it adds a huge amount to the diversity of thinking and learning - which is what’s needed in The Digital Age.

This is a very common question. Many people can be shy or reluctant to work in a group setting. Most people have some reservations. All we can say is that the results speak for themselves. The programme is designed for introverts and extroverts and all personality types. One of the best things that will come from attending MindShift® Virtual is expanding your network with positive, like-minded people. If your 'inner voice' is telling you to wait and do the next one, don't listen to it - that's one of the challenges we help you work on during the program. That voice has wayyyyyy too much control. :)

If within 2 weeks, you believe the programme is not for you, you can have a full refund. The truth is that this has never happened, but if you need to pause your participation for personal reasons, you will be allocated a full place on the next programme as part of your original payment.

 "Attending MindShift had a genuinely massive effect on me professionally and personally. My thinking, focus and mood is so much better.  At work I'm better at communicating to the people who work with me.  

I'm also much more engaged in home life and because my stress has reduced, everything is better."

Eoghan Comerford 
MD NetSpeed Ltd.

 "This program helped to bring real clarity to my way of working. It helped to sharpen my thinking. I’d estimate a 50% impact on ability to get more of what matters done and 60% improvement in my clarity of mind.
 Other areas that benefitted were my sleep, energy and communication with my team”. 

Bill Walsh
Founder and CEO, Aspire Technology,

 "MindShift does exactly what it says it will do, shift your mind.  The results over 8 weeks were transformational - in business and life.   The group setting creates a natural community of support, cheering each other on.  

All together, it helped accelerate the achievement of key outcomes and brought me a stronger sense of calm and clarity." 

Georgina Coleman
VP Retail Division USA, MikiMoto  New York