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Sustainable High Performance - 3 Day Small Group Virtual Intensive

Go Deeper Into The Cause Of Continuously Getting Better
Re-think Your Model For Success And High Performance.

Many people’s definition of high performance is to have their engine running at maximum revs 24/7.

But even for a car, that is a recipe for burn-out.
Research is showing that almost 66% of people in the workplace are on the edge of burnout.  

I believe it’s time to re-define High Performance and to introduce a new approach.  One that requires less effort, has better long-term results and is eminently more sustainable.
Join me for a fun and interactive 3 day immersive program where I will share:

1. The Fundamentals of High Performance
2. How to Take A More Sustainable Approach  
3. How to become more Unflappable  

My own understanding of what high performance means and how to create it has been turned inside out over the last 5 years.  This is the first time I will be sharing this new approach with a group.

What I’ve discovered is that it’s more important to identify the truths underlying performance, as opposed to skills to be practiced and learned.  

This is the opposite of what is conventionally taught.

The Impact Of SHP Keeps Growing - 9 Months On...

When I did SHP there was an immediate positive impact.

Now 9 months on, I’ve realized that the insights and clarity I received have been germinating inside to some degree.

My sense of clarity on myself and what makes me really tick, what matters most to me keep improving.

SHP was definitely a profound catalyst for me and I’ve been surprised by the impact it continues to have every day."

Paula Cassidy
COO, Enterpryze

Some Of What You'll Learn

 How to increase your chances of bringing your 'A game' more consistently

The 2 factors that dramatically reduce your performance in any field

The solution to self-consciousness and self-criticism

Why pressure can be great but also terrible (And how to change it)

Why you’re either burning yourself out or thriving on the energy of life

Powerful strategies for getting better in any context 

"SHP helped start a great shift for me.  When it comes to achieving your best it clarified 3 main areas for me:  1. Understanding your inner self in a tangible way  2. Working & developing yourself so you can be more in a "flow state"  3. Working out the best path to being in "the business of living" v. being in "the business of success".

  Mark Fenelon
 CEO, Clink Hostels

Who's It For?

Anyone interested in creating a more sustainable way of working and living.

The way this program is run means that you could be a CEO, an entrepreneur, a senior executive, a sports persona or someone who aspires to be better at performance in any context.  

Please don't assume you wouldn't fit into the group.  If you're interested but have questions, please email us at


To work with me privately over 3 consecutive days would be over €10,000.

The fee for this program is €1,995 ex. Vat.  
(If you are based outside Ireland please contact us as you will
be exempt from Vat -

My expectation is that the impact of these three days will continue to unfold
over the weeks and months to come.

Dates:  Runs Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd June 2022

We will run from 12pm – 7pm Irish Time/GMT each day. with ample time for breaks throughout the day.

The nature of the group is highly interactive and we will be using breakout rooms for group exercises,
so we encourage you to block out the time and find some quiet space and decent lighting as best
you can so you can participate fully throughout our time together.

"I completed the MindShift program with Shane 2 years ago and that was excellent. But the SHP 3 day program was a completely different level. It has profoundly impacted my clarity, insight, and confidence. The feeling of belief and strength gained from 3 intense days has been phenomenal. I had an amazing realisation of the extent to which my 'inner voice' has been influencing me in ways I never saw before. Now I see that mindset is entirely in my control. and the world is my oyster.10/10"

Anita Boylan,
Director Of Nursing,
Saint Vincents Private Hospital

NOTE: A mix of companies with high calibre leaders will be participating
which offers a more interesting networking opportunity.

Program Creator and Facilitator

The program will be run by Shane Cradock, who has over twenty years’ experience as a leadership advisor and performance coach to high performing executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs at all levels, from award winning SME’s to global multinationals.
Following a very severe personal breakdown in his 20s, Shane experienced a 'MindShift' - which resulted in a dramatic change in perspective that led to a complete change in career and life direction.  This perspective included getting insights such as that the mental climate of a leader is the single most important factor in creating positive change. Yet most leaders have little to no real understanding of how best to consciously improve it in the real world.  
Shane sees this as the blindspot of our time and his work over the past 20 years across over 50 industries, has been helping ambitious leaders and their teams focused on creating better organisations, better lives and better results.
Shane brings a fresh perspective based on his work in the field, that is challenging existing conventional thinking around mindset, psychology, high performance and leadership.

NOTE:  If you are keen to do the program but are not in a position financially to commit due to your circumstances, 
please email us directly at support
A scholarship space is always left available for someone who would benefit but for whatever 
reason may not be able to afford the program. 
Just tell me little about your situation and why you're keen to attend.  This will be treated with the strickest confidence.

"The results since completing the 3 day program with Shane are genuinely nothing short of incredible. 10/10"

- Billy O'Reilly,
CEO, Wicklow Hire and O'Reilly DiY

"SHP enabled me to work out for myself how to get the best out of myself more often and engage at a higher level not only in work, but also at home too. "

- Eoghan Comerford,
Founder/MD, NetSpeed

"Incredibly, there have been immediate positive shifts in my performance with no effort whatsoever."

- Paula Cassidy,
COO, Enterpryze

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, HPU is a natural progression from MindShift if you have done it although it's not a requirement to do SHP.
There are many layers to you and your 'inner world' and this 3 day program is more focused on your inner understanding and how it relates to getting the best from yourself and others, more consistently.
We will be taking a deep dive into how to get the best from your inner world.

Firstly, this program has a process which begins with a private 1 to 1 call with Shane, before the 3 day intensive.  Here you will explore and share key elements of you and your journey and what ambitions you have.
You will also have a follow up call about a month after the 3 days to help you process understandings and make practical change for momentum.  

The 3 consecutive days allows us to take a real deep dive into the inner side of performance and fulfilment.
It allows for a unique space away from the distractions of the world, where you can immerse yourself in a special environment and really reflect and learn new ways of thinking, working and living.

The program will be very interactive and conversational.
It will be minimal on slides and more on listening and dialogue, to help attendees grasp the key elements.
There will be plenty of breakouts and you will have the opportunity to interact with like minded people.

The program will be very interactive and conversational.   It will be minimal on slides and more on listening and dialogue, to help attendees grasp the key elements.  There will be plenty of breakouts and you will have the opportunity to interact with like minded people.

At the moment there is no other date planned for in 2022.

Yes but only for signed up participants who will have life-long access to the recordings.

"We had over 60 people online from four continents around the world and the response to Shane’s series of virtual workshops was fantastic.

He had more impact via Zoom than most ordinary speakers have in a physical event."

Paula Cassidy
COO, Enterpryze

"Working with Shane has had a radical impact on my approach to business and life.

I am much more aware of ‘The Inner CEO’ and how that practically translates to improved clarity, balance and perspective

Maria Cryan
Managing Director, 
Hume Brophy Ireland

"Working with Shane over the last couple of years has been hands down the single best investment in myself and my business.

If you're sceptical, I was too. I can't recommend him highly enough to ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders striving to excel in business AND life. "

Billy O'Reilly
Managing Director, Wicklow Hire & Sales and O'Reilly Hardware