State of Mind - The Key To Better Results And Life

This 90-minute talk will give you insights that could last a lifetime and impact you and your life in hugely positive ways.

Understanding The Key To Better Results
And A Better Life  

Answer honestly to yourself: How satisfied are you really with your life and career?

Would you like to get proven insights that will help you get more from yourself and by default, more from your life?

The key to doing that is having a consistently healthy state of mind. This 90-minute talk, recorded in front of a live audience in Dublin during 2017, will give you insights that could last a lifetime and impact you and the people around you in hugely positive ways - in life, business and sport.

You will have probably experienced in your life that when you are relaxed, clear and optimistic, you enable a different side of you to emerge – a better side. But how do you enable and maintain that even in challenging, uncertain times?

How do you enable your good-feeling, clear state of mind on a daily basis? Most people believe that their circumstances determine their state of mind. This is not the case.

You have much more control over your state of mind than you realise and the quality of your future does depend on this one key skill. And having a better state of mind means less stress, anxiety and overwhelm in your life.

Breakdown, Breakthrough

With over 20 years experience working with top performers across over 50 industries, Shane Cradock has a deep understanding that the key element in maintaining consistent results (professional and personal) is your state of mind.

 Having suffered a breakdown in his mid-twenties, he became obsessed with gaining a better understanding of how to manage your biggest asset – your mind. That obsession led him into a career of helping people to achieve their ambitious goals and enjoy a better quality of life. His clients range from leaders in Fortune 10 companies to top entrepreneurs and sports people.

Key Factor

State of mind is seen increasingly as the key factor in high performance. But the reality is that many perceived high performers can really struggle with it. And as a result, their ability to enjoy their life and indeed sustain high-performance is compromised.

But most people just won’t admit it.

Most do not have an understanding of the fundamentals of how to cultivate a better state of mind, regardless of their situation.

Join Shane for an evening talk where he will share with you insights gleaned from his own journey and from working with top performers across various industries and fields.

Who's It For? 

• Anyone interested in living a better life and enjoying a better career
• Leaders
• Business owners
• Parents
• Coaches/Trainers
• Counsellors/Psychologists
• Sports people


• Understand why you can be mentally strong but have a poor state of mind
• Gain a deeper understanding of why state of mind is so important
• Understand how to improve your state of mind when you need to
• Gain clarity on the underlying principles of better performance and living
• Learn how to improve your mental clarity and reduce stress
• How to cultivate deep presence that improves your clarity, performance and enjoyment

Creator & Facilitator

The program is run by Shane Cradock, who has over twenty years’ experience as a leadership advisor and performance coach to high performing executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs at all levels, from award winning SME’s to global multinationals.

Shane brings a fresh perspective based on his work in the field, that is challenging existing conventional thinking around mindset, psychology, high performance and leadership.

State Of Mind