The Leaders 5

Radically improve your alignment and results

Bring Better Clarity, Accountability
And Alignment 

To Your Organisation.

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A Leader's Challenge

One of the biggest problems for any leader in today’s volatile and uncertain world is a lack of alignment.

Priorities can shift quickly and it’s important to ensure that your team are aligned in the direction you want them to go in.  Yet so often it’s the opposite.

You may have an alignment issue If you’re experiencing any of these:

    • Lack of clarity on who owns key outcomes;
    • Frustration that people are not getting ‘it’;
    • A lack of real ownership by key people on what matters most;
    • Key lieutenants consistently doing the opposite of what you expect;
    • No consequences for poor performance.

The Solution

This problem has been so common with leaders I’ve worked with, that I created something to solve it - a five part framework that I call The Leaders 5.

It's built around five essential areas you must clarify to bring more clarity, accountability and better alignment with your key people.

Once you’ve worked to clarify each of the five areas you will find that it will relieve stress you didn’t know was there and better again, empower your team to really deliver on what matters most.

I’ve created a video series complete with templates to explain each of the 5 sections clearly, give relevant examples and also provide a step by step guide to create a Leaders 5 document for yourself and for your key people.

What would improved alignment be worth to your business over a year and beyond?

Depending on the size of your business, it is usually significant and improving it reduces stress, mis-communication, improves morale, and most of all results.

Previous to now I’ve only shared this with private clients, who would typically pay thousands in fees for access to my time and IP.  

The fee here is only €197, plus if you’re not happy after 7 days, just ask for a refund and it’ll be given.

Improve Your Leadership And Results
With This Proven Framework

The cost of mis-alignment in any organisation is usually hidden.  But as the leader, you'll know the difference it makes when it's there.

The Leader's 5


One-time fee, Euros incl VAT

  • Concise video series
  • Lifetime Access
  • Proven framework 
  • Direct report templates included

Shane Cradock

Miriam Simon

Growth & Leadership Advisor

"The simplicity of The Leaders 5 is it's power.  I use it in my own business and I've shared with clients - they all love it. Most leaders are missing elements that this powerful framework clarifies. CEOs, entrepreneurs and ambitious executives get great insights from it."

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